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VIU Mariners season recap

This season has been one of the most successful in recent memory for the VIU Mariners across the board. Our women’s volleyball team defeated the King’s College Blue Devils 3-0 to win gold in the CCAA National Championship 3-0, becoming…

Coach’s corner

How long have you been Head Coach of the Mariners Men’s Volleyball team, and how did you get the position? This is my ninth year as head coach of the Men’s program. Chris Densmore was the head coach at the time, and he asked me to help…

Q/A: with Emma Platner

Playing in her final season at VIU guard Emma Platner has a lot to be proud of. Throughout her five-year career, coaches and teammates have relied on her leadership both on and off the court. She took time to chat with the Nav about the…


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