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2018 Mariners fall season preview

The 2018 Mariners Fall sports season is underway as student-athletes arrive on campus for the preseason. The men's and women's soccer programs will see the biggest change this season as long-time men’s head coach Bill Merriman stepped…

Ballin’ on a budget

Waiting on that student loan to come in? Wallet feeling a little light? Here are a bunch of things you can do for free—or at least, on the cheap—in the Nanaimo area until your bank account hits the quadruple digits again. The Cultural…

Coach Profile: Avneet Brar

When VIU’s basketball team emerges from timeouts, the last person to speak to players isn’t always Head Coach Matt Kuzminski, but Avneet Brar, his assistant. As the huddle breaks up, Brar grabs as many players as he can and shows them a…

Mariners Profile: Turner Popoff

Mariners defenseman Turner Popoff isn’t trying to impress with his fancy stick handling skills or goal-scoring prowess. Instead, the fourth-year accounting major takes a far more blue-collar approach to the game he plays, relishing in the…


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