Images and Text in War Zones: The problems of representation

By contributor Gordan Hak On March 24, Dr. Debra Pentecost, Department of Media Studies, will give an illustrated talk beginning at 10 am in the Malaspina Theatre. The presentation is entitled “Beyond the Boundaries of Image and Text: Telling Difficult Stories” and is part of VIU’s long-running Arts & Humanities Colloquium Series. Pentecost has long been interested in the challenges encountered by photojournalists and documentary filmmakers when trying to represent experiences of war, conflict, and trauma, and the innovative forms utilized to deal with the challenges of visualization. Her dissertation, produced at Simon Fraser University, is entitled “War Photojournalism and Audiences: […]

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Exploring historic Vancouver’s Hogan’s Alley through Wayde Compton’s eyes

Contributor Gordan Hak Hogan’s Alley was a neighbourhood in downtown Vancouver. It was home to many immigrant communities, but it is best remembered for the African-Canadian population that had established itself by 1923. In its heyday Hogan’s Alley was a focal point for black culture, known for its restaurants and home to the African Methodist Episcopal Fountain Chapel. Perhaps its most famous resident was Nora Hendrix, the grandmother of the musician Jimi Hendrix. Then in 1967, in line with the urban renewal and “slum clearance” thinking of the time, the City of Vancouver began levelling the western half of the […]

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Upcoming Arts & Humanities colloquium presentation mixes alchemy and fiction

By contributor Gordan Hak How do you mix the study of alchemy with creative writing? That’s the question Dr. Cynthea Masson, a member of the VIU English Department, will address in a talk on Friday, September 30. The presentation, “From Academic Article to Fantasy Novel: Medieval Alchemy and The Alchemists’ Council”, is part of the popular Arts & Humanities Colloquium Series. It will be held in the Malaspina Theatre, at 10 am. Alchemy is about transformation. This medieval science sought to find a universal cure for disease, the means to prolong life with an elixir of immortality, and most famously, […]

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