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La Fleur de Lys

The fleur de lys, found on the Quebec flag, is a symbol for francophones everywhere. 📷 Catherine Charlebois By Production Manager Catherine Charlebois French Canadians and anglophones have a fairly long history of disagreement, and though it has largely died down, small snippets of longstanding unease remain throughout society. From snide remarks in schools to gaps in service, being a francophone on Vancouver Island has its struggles. I moved from Montreal when I was five, and have lived in BC for the past 16 years, but I still consider myself QuĂ©becoise. Though I may have been uprooted early on, the staunch belief […]

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Young Fox

Young Fox Sky Beats Gold album review

Above: 📷 Courtesy By Chris Adam Young Fox was founded in 2012. After two years of writing and honing their craft, the band released their Predecessors EP in July 2014. Nearly three years later, the next evolution of the band is here. March 10 marked the release of their debut full-length album Sky Beats Gold via Spartan Records. The Pittsburgh natives know how to create a catchy, yet moody, alternative rock album. Sky Beats Gold kicks off with the song “Sometimes the Monsters Win”, beginning with a dark and groovy guitar riff. As the chorus hits, audiences get a good sense of […]

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Creating connections with your professors

Above: 📷 via Pacific Threads Youtube By contributor Krista Meckelborg After listening to hours of lectures each week, it’s understandable if you choose to avoid your professors outside of classes. But doing so can prevent you from accessing one of the greatest assets you have while at university: mentors. VIU student, Andrew Labun, and recent graduate, DJ Levy, recently began an online clothing company called Pacific Threads.  Their new brand celebrates self-expression through personalized apparel.  The two partners started the business from the ground up, overcoming many obstacles along the way.  One of the biggest struggles they came across was finding the […]

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Logan: Reviewed

Above: 📷 Courtesy By Emily Hingston This article contains spoilers. I had seen no trailers and managed to avoid the plethora of spoilers on Facebook and other social media. I am a Marvel fan but I went into this movie knowing nothing. I went in completely blind. Logan is set in the year 2029. Mutants are all but extinct, except a few that are in hiding. James Howlett (Logan/Wolverine) is a limo driver. He uses his money to help buy medication for Professor Xavier, who he has isolated in Mexico. As Xavier’s health deteriorates, his mind goes into seizures, debilitating all those […]

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