Visual Arts x Natural History

By contributor James MacKinnon Students, staff, and the public are invited to the grand opening of the “Nature in the Arts” display at VIU’s Museum of Natural History on Tuesday, March 8. This event marks the beginning of a three-week display of artwork inspired by the natural world, created by students and faculty members from several departments across campus, including Fine Arts and Sciences. Free food and beverages will be served, and a number of artists and museum staff will be on-site to explain the techniques that have gone into the artwork, as well as to show the museum and […]

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The strange street names of Nanaimo

By contributor Spenser Smith “Spenser, you have two deliveries,” says Khoung, as he points at two tall paper bags stuffed with Chinese food, “The first one goes to 262 Twiggly Wiggly Rd. The second goes to 3338 Dingle Bingle Hill Rd.” Khoung goes back to peeling carrots. Meanwhile, I’m giggling to myself as I struggle to fit both bags in my arms. I start to wonder: Who came up with these wacky names? According to Nanaimo native Paul Gogo, former mayor Frank Ney is responsible. Gogo, the keyboardist for the band Trooper, wrote Ney’s biography, Frank Ney: A Canadian Legend. Ney […]

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