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La Fleur de Lys

The fleur de lys, found on the Quebec flag, is a symbol for francophones everywhere. 📷 Catherine Charlebois By Production Manager Catherine Charlebois French Canadians and anglophones have a fairly long history of disagreement, and though it has largely died down, small snippets of longstanding unease remain throughout society. From snide remarks in schools to gaps in service, being a francophone on Vancouver Island has its struggles. I moved from Montreal when I was five, and have lived in BC for the past 16 years, but I still consider myself Québecoise. Though I may have been uprooted early on, the staunch belief […]

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Creating connections with your professors

Above: 📷 via Pacific Threads Youtube By contributor Krista Meckelborg After listening to hours of lectures each week, it’s understandable if you choose to avoid your professors outside of classes. But doing so can prevent you from accessing one of the greatest assets you have while at university: mentors. VIU student, Andrew Labun, and recent graduate, DJ Levy, recently began an online clothing company called Pacific Threads.  Their new brand celebrates self-expression through personalized apparel.  The two partners started the business from the ground up, overcoming many obstacles along the way.  One of the biggest struggles they came across was finding the […]

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Peaks and valleys

Robert and my mom on their wedding day in 1979. 📷 Courtesy Molly Barrieau. By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau Disheveled hair sits forlorn above a thin and angular face. Long fingers grip the seat of the chair beneath him, as the sinew and muscles seize from wrist to shoulder blade in one swift uncontrolled motion. “I feel like a puppet, and someone else is pulling the strings,” he says, indignant. Rarely do the edges of his mouth curl anymore, as synthetic dopamine now replaces the long dead cells, directing his tired brain. The drugs kick in and he can no longer […]

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A walk down Christy lane

Above: 📷 CTV By Associate Editor Natalie Gates As you know, the Liberal party has been head of BC government for the past 16 years. This came after 10 years straight of NDP leadership. Before this, premiers of the Conservative party dominated the mid-twentieth century. Today, Christy Clark stands in a close campaign against the NDP and its party leader, John Horgan. The polls have been tight with both the NDP and Liberals taking turns with slight leads, but issues yet to be debated could still have a substantial impact. Meanwhile, the Greens and Conservatives trail behind with about a third of […]

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