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Take a stand

Running on the treadmill at Vancouver Island University’s gym, listening to a playlist of old ’90s rap, “Shook Ones” by Mobb Deep begins playing. It triggers a landslide of memories. The day David Lacroix took a stand for me, a kid he…

Atticus Man

World, becomes dense alters assumed constellation to starry force Masked with stellar sense. Land into sea— Drowned, a little-felt nation smother another course lest they cease to be. Comfort, dear Life awaits the morrow Granted, give you…


1. Maroon hummingbirds flap fall air under their wings, soon they will depart. 2. Summer’s last dry wind sunlight fades, leaves crisp, and fall into a solstice. 3. In a brown twig drey up a snow-covered pine tree a famished squirrel waits.


Home to prickly pines and Douglas fir, Hoh rain forest, a carpet of licorice fern. Emerald beards coat every surface over-grown facial hair or mask? Timbers moistened by sulfur rain, exudes rich cedar, ripe pine and old oak’s fragrance. It…