Crimson Coast Dance Society hosts spring break dance workshop

Above: Vancouver-based dance group OURO Collective. 📷 Body Talk By Sports and Lifestyle Editor Cole Schisler Every year, the Crimson Coast Dance Society hosts a Body Talk dance workshop. The week-long workshop runs from March 27 to April 1, and ends with a performance on April 2 at the Port Theatre. “The goal of Body talk is different depending on who you talk to,” Jamie Black, Body Talk’s Community Engagement Faciliatory says. “The goal for the youth themselves is to have creative expression, and to connect with each other. Another goal is to provide a high calibre experience of the performing arts, and […]

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Making of a rain warrior

Above: Ammonite Falls 📷 Kris Mutafov By Kris Mutafov I always hated the rain. It would get my bag wet, it would get my hair wet, my feet wet, and frankly, it would dampen my spirit. So logically, I moved to Nanaimo this September. I had heard the stories from my roommates before it began; clouds upon rain upon more rain and more clouds. Rinse and repeat, literally. But joyous September sun brought with it much rock climbing, kayaking, and fantastic late summer vibes. I was oblivious. Then came October. I remember opening up the seven-day weather forecast on my computer to […]

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Squish the stress away

Above: 📷 By Production Manager Catherine Charlebois For many, March is a stressful month, crammed full of exams, final projects, and essays. Before you let those last few weeks before summer freedom get to you, make this stress putty—I guarantee, you’ll be squishing away stress you didn’t know you had. Easy to make, and customizable, this little ball of dough is excellent to let out that extra surge of nerves. Ingredients • 1 cup flour • ½ cup salt • 3 tbsp cream of tartar • 1 tbsp oil (almond, canola, or coconut, whichever you prefer) • ½ cup boiling water […]

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Year in ReVIU

Above: 📷 By Sports and Lifestyle Editor Cole Schisler Chloe Gummer, Forward In her first year as a Mariner, Chloe Gummer was named a PACWEST All-Star for her high scoring season.  Chloe was among the leading scorers in the division, finishing the season with six goals. In the Mariners’ final match at Nationals, Chloe scored a hat-trick, and was named player of the match. “I want to continue with this success,” she says. “I plan to work hard this summer to be at the same level by next year.” For the off-season, Chloe is focused on her studies. She plans to […]

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