VIU Student Press


The Navigator offers unparalleled work experience for students, a casual yet professional office environment, only two scheduled shifts a month, good times, and regular salary pay cheques.

Associate Editor

Assumes editorial responsibility for the features section (six pages); writes one editorial per issue; takes on the responsibilities of the Managing Editor when required; participates in copy editing for all sections and helps enter editorial changes on production weekend; participates in layout and assembly during production week; calculates and presents an expense report to the Business Manager or Bookkeeper detailing contributor payments for each issue.

News Editor

Assumes editorial responsibility for the news section; arranges for contributions, seeks out stories on campus that are timely and relevant to the student population of VIU, and edits submissions; monitors the editorial process for the news section and approves pages; gives approved pages to Managing Editor for final review; participates in copy editing for all sections and helps enter editorial changes on production weekend.

Art Director

Produces, or supervises the production of, all graphics/photos/illustrations
that appear in the paper; designs, in consultation with the Managing Editor, the graphic elements of the newspaper and any signage or promotional material for the newspaper; supervises the layout of all articles in the paper; and trains and supervises the graphic assistants.

Sports Editor

Assumes responsibility for the sports section (four pages); arranges for contributions, writes content for section, and edits submissions; and participates in copy editing for all sections and helps enter editorial changes on production weekend.

Production Manager

Oversees the process of organizing the paper for production; in case of illness of either the Managing Editor or the Associate Editor, the Production Manager fills in; schedules, co-ordinates, and tracks copy through the editorial and proofing process; using the Chicago Manual of Style, the Canadian Press Style Book, and CP Caps and Spelling as a guide, the production manager prepares editorial style sheets that outline house preferences regarding numbering, punctuation, spelling, and other text elements; works with copy editors to edit contributors’ work during production week.

Ad Sales Representatives

Sells ads and meets sales goals under direction of Business Manager; seeks out new clients; makes sure each client is on the master ad list for each paper requested with the correct size and price for invoicing; possesses excellent time management skills and is self- motivated; contacts clients far enough in advance so deadlines can be met, and be paces themselves in order to provide quality client service; passes on information and materials from clients concerning ads to graphics staff and directs construction of the ads; and sends proofs of the ads to the advertisers for confirmation.

Graphic Design Assistant

Works with the Business Manager on the production of ads for clients and assists Art Director when required. Rotates through designing the spread and cover, and helps design the layout for each issue of the newspaper. Edits photos and creates artwork as needed.

Social Media Producer

Ensures Facebook and Twitter are constantly being updated and finds related work and media from other presses to retweet and connect with; works with Web Editor to make sure related new media is being included with the articles (links, related videos); plays an avid role in connecting The Navigator with student paper resources, such as Canadian University Press (CUP), Canadian Writer’s Association (CWA), and Free Media.

Online Reporter

Responsible for making sure content is frequently going up online so we can have timely, relevant news content going up as it happens; reports, edits, and uploads stories from Nanaimo’s community and VIU campus as they break; stories will be short and succinct, and can cover any subject (news, sports, arts, and features); has basic editing and WordPress skills to copy edit and upload their own stories.

Send a cover letter and resume to <>, providing two positions of interest. Deadline is March 31. Must be a 2017-18 student to apply.