2017/2018 Masthead

Cole Schisler

Managing Editor
Cole is a third-year creative writing student with a focus in creative nonfiction and dramatic writing. He is the host of The Masthead and cohost of The Kinetic Flow at 101.7 CHLY FM. He is also the editor of the VIU Compass, and worked at the Sports & Lifestyles editor for the Nav in 2016/17.

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Spenser Smith

Associate Editor
Spenser's writing has appeared in many Canadian literary magazines, including The Puritan, The Maynard, (parenthetical), The Quilliad, and text. He has received the Pat Bevan Scholarship in Creative Writing, the Barry Broadfoot Award for Journalism/Creative Non-Fiction, and was the winner of the 2017 Blodwyn Memorial Prize in Poetry.

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Zyre Hoskins

Art Director
Zyre is a fourth-year graphic design student at VIU and Art Director at the Navigator. She likes crazy art, dark fiction, and buckets of coffee. She can’t wait to sleep eight hours a night and travel the world.

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Jesse Bixby

Features Editor

Jesse is a third-year creative writing student at VIU. She loves travelling, reading, art, flowers, old movies, trying new recipes, and spending time in nature. Jesse moved to Vancouver Island from Alberta and hasn't looked back. Her dream to work as a big-time editor blossomed after watching Sandra Bullock in The Proposal, and she is loving her new role at the Navigator as Features Editor.

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Lys Morton

News Editor

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Justin Shankaran

Sports and Lifestyle Editor
Justin's passions include sports, journalism, rap, and collecting far too many retro Air Jordan sneakers. He currently is studying creative writing and looks to offer his unique take on all things Mariners.

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Cheryl Folland

Arts Editor
Cheryl is in her third year of VIU’s Creative Writing program. Recipient of the 2017 Gisele Merlet Award, she has a passion for the written word, and lives for the arts community. Cheryl moved to Nanaimo in September 2014 to pursue her writing career.

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Mallory Marrs

Online Reporter
Mallory enjoys calling herself a writer, singing (badly) while driving, and planning vacations she will never go on. When she’s not writing, she sells art online (so far, she’s made a total of $0.72!). She’s this year’s Online Reporter for the Nav, something she finds both terrifying and exciting.

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Aislinn Cottell

Copy Editor
Aislinn is a third-year creative writing and chemistry student, making her enthusiastic debut as Navigator copy editor. She enjoys science fiction, and can be found muttering over grammatical errors in textbooks or conducting self-therapy on the couch with her long-suffering cat, Chicken Nugget.

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Sarah Packwood

Social Media Specialist
Sarah is a second-year creative writing and visual arts student at VIU. Outside class she can be found wanting (but unable) to go to local gigs, crying in public spaces, and always ranting about ableism. Her passions include Sailor Moon, Harry Styles… and that’s about it.

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Sara Holmes

Graphic Designer
Sara is a second-year graphic design student at VIU. She enjoys long walks in the woods and eating copious amounts of human hair. If you would like to donate your hair to Sara, please email graphics@thenav.ca.

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Kent MacDonald

Graphic Designer
Kent is a fourth-year graphic design student at VIU. He is often found wandering around the woods lost and is now bald due to his friendship with Sara. He has a great beard. If you would like to hear Kent’s famous scream, please email graphics@thenav.ca for an audio clip.

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