Brent Hirose and his four characters in Suckerpunch.

The Fringe Mini Reviews

For two weeks in the middle of August, the arts scene in Nanaimo breathed and pulsed with the fourth annual Fringe, the independent theatre festival which brought together international and local artists, musicians, and theatre enthusiasts. With eight plays, 48 shows, and 30 non-theatre performances in three venues, the festival attracted over 1000 visitors, marking a 32-percent increase in attendance since 2013. The plays presented a wide spectrum of theatre genres, ranging from stand-up comedy and storytelling pieces to intense sci-fi and psychological dramas. The Navigator’s Arts Editor Denisa Kraus reviews six of this year’s plays. For more on Nanaimo’s […]

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The Fringe Experience

Contributing Editor Jennifer Garceau gives us insight into the 2014 Nanaimo Fringe festival. For more On The Fringe, check out our mini-reviews, and our interview with Festival Producer Chelsee Damen.  An evening of work can be unpredictable at a café in downtown Nanaimo with a liquor license. There’s a mix of artists, working class, upper crust WASPs, white-collar types, and general left-of-centre folks creating an idyllic laissez-faire community. This year, The Vault was selected to be the Nanaimo Fringe Hub venue, though I didn’t think it would’ve made much of a difference to my already whimsical evenings. Fringe Festival taught […]

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