Vancouver Island Short Film Feststival 2012
The short list of competing films in this year’s Vancouver Island Short Film Festival (VISFF) has been announced, and VISFF would like to remind film lovers that the 13 selections will be shown at the Malaspina Theatre on Apr. 13 and 14, at 7 p.m. The festival will include a screening of the 13 selected films, as well as an awards ceremony for best films in several categories with prizes for the winning filmmakers.

The VISFF is made possible with the assistance of the Nanaimo Arts Council and the Elephant Room Creative. Information on the VISFF is available on their website . For more information, contact Johnny Blakeborough at: or by phone 250-729-3947.

Final Artsts and Humanities ColloquiumDate Correct ion
In the last issue of the Nav., the date for the final Arts and Humanities Colloquium Series was incorrect. It will not in fact take place on Mar. 29, but took place on Mar. 9. Tamu Miles would like to extend her deepest apologies to Eliza Gardener, Laura Cranmer,and the entire Arts and Humanities department for this error.

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