It’s that time of year again: when the campus is filled with fresh blood—what they refer to in the U.S. as freshmen. And what goes along with freshmen? Well, Frosh, of course.

The activites start on Wednesday, Sept. 12 with a vendor’s fair, beer garden, and activities, such as the Wheel of Debt, where most people lose, but if you win you are recieve a five dollar Subway gift card. Once dusk hits, be sure to head to the RBC Plaza to view Super Troopers.

On Thursday, Sept. 13, there will be three bands playing at the RBC Plaza. Royal Canoe are the headliners. They will be playing with Nanaimo’s own DJ Allgood, and the Funk Hunters.

On Friday, Sept. 14 there will be a pancake breakfast from 8:30–11:30 a.m.

The vendors run all day on all three days, and the beer garden will be open as well. Be sure to check out the VIU Students’ Union table to receive free gifts such as a Frosh Kit, which includes a water bottle, buttons, pens, yoga passes, bowling certificates, and other assorted small stuff.

So come on out and have a good time, and be sure to find the Nav. booth at the vendor’s fair and say hello to us. We’d appreciate the company.

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