With the start of the fall semester upon us, VIU’s Nanaimo campus coffee shop, Jumpin’ Java, has a few new faces and a new focus. After 15 years, previous manager and owner Anne Langhout has decided to move on, while after six years barista Lorill Ireland has moved to Newfoundland. Monique Gouliquer, now in charge of Jumpin’ Java, is thinking of switching the coffee shop’s focus.

First off, in order to help reduce the lineups, which can quite often extend far outside the doors, they have installed a quick-drip station. It is set-up right inside the doors, and offers a quick cup of coffee to go; however, the quick-drip station will be cash only.

Gouliquer also plans on joining the digital world, with a facebook page and twitter account in the works. She wants Jumpin’ Java to be more involved on campus, and within the greater university community. If you have a play coming up, or a gig going down, stop by and let her know. She’ll spread the word. Are you in the horticulture department and planning a trip to Cathedral Grove? Let her know!

Not only that, but there will be live music from time to time. For the first couple of weeks of the fall semester, you can expect to see Zoe Lauckner serenading customers with her voice and guitar.

So, be sure to check out Jumpin’ Java, and then keep checking it out. Who knows what you might

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