If anyone knows first-hand the travesties of Monday, it’s university students. Be it through the conventions of society or cheesy ’80s songs, people have an ingrained grudge towards Mondays. Why is this so? Monday sets us up for the rest of the week, so it is vital to channel a positive attitude for this inevitable day. Here are a few pick-me-ups to ensure or at least encourage a brighter start to the week.

1: Set your alarm 30 min. early.

It sounds ambitious, but take the extra time to relax and process the day ahead. Start with a nourishing meal. The brain cannot function to its full capacity unless it is supplied with the proper nutrients. Next, allow yourself the opportunity to briefly indulge in doing something you enjoy. Read a favorite column in the newspaper, listen to music you enjoy, surf the web, or meditate while you mentally prepare yourself for your Monday activities. Giving yourself the 30 minute leeway is an easy solution to the early morning scramble which is a poor way to begin any day.

2: Invent a Monday tradition.

“A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Mary Poppins could not have said it better! Treat yourself to a weekly indulgence to further brighten your day. Elect Monday as a day you can connect with a friend or classmate, Skype someone afar, scan the library for new books, find a Monday night series, or delight in a favourite food or drink. This will foster a more positive attitude towards Mondays.

3: Plan ahead.

Use Monday to assemble a mental or physical tab of weekly events, to-dos, and deadlines. Creating some loose structure to your week gives you a better perspective on how much time you have for leisure versus work/school related commitments; that way you can make time for recreation while keeping your priorities in check.

4: Wear your favourite things.

Guys, too! There is absolutely a correlation between mood and appearance. Whether it’s a scarf, tie, hairpiece, or simply a favourite scent, everyone has a special something in their closet, and Monday is a great opportunity for that extra “wow” factor. Besides, going that extra mile increases the likelihood for compliments—and who doesn’t like a good shot of self-esteem?

5: Take it outside.

“Go play outside” is a suggestion that we’ve all heard since childhood. Don’t discount this advice! The best and cheapest coping mechanisms involve the great outdoors. The rest of the week will be spent in the confinements of a classroom or workspace, so (weather permitting) take your studies outside or walk around the neighbourhood to inspire new thoughts …and stress relief.


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