As the weather cools, a bowl of rice pudding makes for a great evening treat—and cold leftovers are a filling breakfast in the morning. Set it to bake while studying in the evening—trips to stir the pudding make for good short breaks.

Short-grain rice (Pearl rice)—heaping 45 mL

Evaporated milk—370 mL

2% milk or almond milk—105 mL

Sugar—15 mL


Prep time: 5 min

Bake time: 2 hours

Serves 4

1. Spread heaping 45 mL measure of rice across the bottom of a small flat baking dish. The rice should make a thin layer.

2. Combine and pour evaporated milk and 2% or almond milk over the rice.

3. Add one flat 15 mL measure of sugar.

4. Add a dash of vanilla.

5. Put in oven or toaster oven (Toaster oven recommended.) Bake at 325C for two hours. Stir every 25–30 minutes.

6. Serve as is, or with honey or fruit.

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