Campus Rec. has more excitement lined up at VIU as we tear another month from our student planners. Here’s a look at some entertaining events to offset the mid-terms, presentations, and other perennial delights Oct. has to offer students.

Outdoor Recreation 

Cooler temperatures and increased drizzle are not enough to keep a true Vancouver Islander indoors! Whether you are native to the West Coast or have recently called it home, there is plenty of outdoor recreation for everyone for a reasonable fee—rain or shine. Next on the events calendar is a day hike to Bush Creek Falls on Oct. 6. The hike is a four-hour guided trip, and transportation is included for just a $5 fee. The trail to the waterfalls has steep sections, so students are asked to bring proper footwear.

The second rock climbing trip of the semester takes place the same day, bringing students to a local crag to learn handling and climbing techniques, knot tying, belaying, and rappelling. Climbing equipment is included in the $25 fee.

This is the first semester congruent events have been offered, an experiment met with success so far.

“We are over 90 percent full for our events this semester, so I would encourage students to sign up soon,” Don Cohen, Outdoor Recreation co-coordinator, says.

Cohen also suggests students sign up for spring semester events as soon as registration opens, likely the first week after Christmas break.

Also offered for the first time is “Swim with the Salmon” on Oct. 13. The activity is held in a sheltered area of Nanaimo River, which hosts thousands of salmon returning to spawn every fall.

Campus Rec. invested in all new equipment for the swim, excluding the wetsuits already used for surfing excursions. Swimming with salmon has recently become a popular commercial activity. Equipment is provided but participants are suggested to bring warm clothing for before and after the all-day swim. The next day, white water rafting takes place at Nanaimo River.

While every student is required to pay a fee towards campus recreation at VIU, only a small number, comparatively, sign up for activities.

“Campus recreation is heavily subsidized by the students, so it is up to [them] to make themselves available to the events,” Cohen says. For more information or to sign up for an activity, visit <http://> or pick up a copy of SCUTTLEBUTT at the gym.

Wellness Wednesdays 

Campus Rec. is hosting Wellness Wednesdays on select weeks throughout the fall semester, preparing healthy snacks for students while holding fun activities. The next event is the Whole Wheat Pancake Brunch, slated for Oct. 10 in the gym lobby. From noon until 1:30 p.m. (or until food runs out), students can feast on homemade pancakes and fruit.

Last week’s Fruit Popsicle Party was a success, as several students showed up at the gym to enjoy a healthy, frozen treat.

Special Off-Campus Events 

If you find yourself free on weekends, check out the overnight adventures and special events Campus Rec. has to offer. The second Tofino surf weekend of the semester leaves Saturday, Oct. 27 and returns Sunday evening. The $100 fee includes transportation to the beach, use of surf equipment, and a variety of how-to and safety instructions.

Should the National Hockey League lockout dissipate soon, VIU’s annual Vancouver Canucks road trip will take place Oct. 28. The trip—only open to students—costs $100 and departs at 12 p.m. for a clash against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Students are welcome to bring family and friends to most events if space is available on the Friday prior, or unless noted. Check out Campus Rec.’s facebook page for new events and updated information.

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