Lack of Diversity

I recently picked up volume 44, issue 1 of the Navigator at the campus here in Duncan. There were 31 articles in this issue. Of those 31, 18 were written by just three contributors. Of those 31, just five articles were written by men. Of those articles written by men, one man wrote multiple articles. This means within the scope of your publication, 58 percent of total articles written were contributed by just three people. Also, a meager 16 percent of published articles were contributed by men. I don’t think numbers like this relfect the diversity of the student body. In principle this is no different than the corporate media, where the same message is given by just a handful of people due to the concentration of power. Let’s see some divergent view points. That’s never going to happen when just a handful of people do all of the talking.

– Andre


An Open Letter to Canadians about your Country’s Final Solution—and a Final Reckoning

This week, thirty two public summonses were issued to mostly Canadian citizens, including Prime Minister Harper and major church officials, calling them to account for colluding in or concealing unspeakable crimes against children.

These crimes include beating children to death, kidnapping and starving them, torturing them in medical experiments, or making them infertile, farming them out to wealthy child rapists, and gang raping, and exploiting them for slave labor.

These abominations occurred in Canada for over a century in detention camps misleadingly called Indian residential schools, run by catholic and protestant churches. Some of these crimes continue today in your country.

Your tax money and church offerings have for many years helped to sustain these crimes and protect the guilty.

Your police have buried the grisly evidence of these atrocities, and continue to prosecute and silence those eyewitnesses who try to share the truth.

And your politicians and courts continue to whitewash these crimes and exonerate the churches that killed off more than 50 thousand children in what they still call Indian residential schools.

The time of your complicity in these crimes against humanity is ending, for an International Common Law Court of Justice convened and has charged dozens of Canadians with responsibility for genocide and criminal conspiracy. Their trial begins on Oct. 15.

You can be in the global online courtroom that will judge the evidence of Canada’s genocide and come to a verdict. You can help Canada come clean about its deliberate plan of extermination against Indians by holding your nation and its churches account and be indicted for their home grown Holocaust.

The Common Law Court will be posting all of the evidence behind its charges online, commencing Oct. 15. If a guilty verdict is reached, you are obligated under international law to stop funding and colluding with a government and churches found guilty of crimes like these:

• the beating to death of Victoria Stewart, age 9, by United Church employee Ann Knizky at the Edmonton Indian residential school on April 9, 1958

• the forced sterilization of Sarah Modeste and hundreds of other young women by United Church doctor George Darby at the infamous R.W. Large Hospital

• the use of Joan Morris and many other children as involuntary test subjects for drug testing, organ removal, and pain endurance experiments at the Nanaimo Indian Hospital

• the attempted murder of William Combes, Ernie Tatooche, and many other children by deliberately exposing them to tuberculosis and denying them treatment, at Catholic, Anglican and United Church hospitals and schools … and the actual killing of more than half of the children in these facilities by such methods

• the continued theft and trafficking of aboriginal children through “child aid” government agencies

The historic reckoning for these crimes has finally arrived. Be part of this cleansing and not its impediment.

Educate yourselves by seeing some of the evidence at <>. Stay tuned to <> for the complete posting of all of the cases and evidence in the Common Law Court docket indicting Canada, the Vatican, and other powers for crimes against humanity.

Issued by The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State on Sept. 23, 201


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