The new iPhone 5 was unveiled last month, causing diehard Apple fans to camp outside electronic stores around the world for first grabs. Though less than a year since the release of its predecessor iPhone 4S, the new version comes equipped with some cool features. Cool enough to have a sleepover in the Best Buy parking lot? You be the judge.

• New Do Not Disturb feature sends all your calls to voicemail. You can customize a VIP allow list—like your boss or mother. Or an ignore list—like your boss or mother.

• We’ve heard the mantra: faster, thinner, lighter (handy, but more likely to slip between the couch cushions).

• Screen size has been increased by about a centimetre to allow for 16:9 aspect ratio to view video in high definition.

• New-and-improved Siri can finally dictate driving directions in Canada and is able to tell you sports scores, movie times, and can send text messages with your verbal command.

• iSight camera now captures panoramic photos and is upgraded to 8 megapixels and 1080p video recording.

• Visual voicemail lets you tap which message you want to hear.

• Redesigned connector cords. Upside: you can insert them “upside-down.” Downside: your 14 existing cords will soon be obsolete.

• Oh yeah, the iPhone makes phone calls too. Improved clarity for calls and FaceTime.

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