Conservative neglect of credit card fees costs small business billions

Dear editor,

Shock, secrecy, complexity, and speed of change has paralysed effective democratic response to the Canada-China Investment Treaty. On top of the two back-to-back omnibus Bills, and Nexen, the timing has overwhelmed MP’s, MLA’s, the media, NGO’s, and the public.

FIPA is unique in many ways. It has the potential to change the face of Canada in its ownership of natural resources and public services. In particular, it holds the potential for the Republic of China to coerce and interfere with the evolution of our laws, at all levels of government.

The public, and their elected representatives, deserve to have time to understand the extraordinary ramifications of the treaty and openly debate them in the House of Commons, with full and timely disclosure of information.

Please, educate yourself about this extraordinary treaty and contact your local MP about it.


Linda George

Gabriola Island




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