Ever wondered what would possess someone to enter a dimly-lit studio, contort their bodies into all ranges of strange positions, and then top it all off with a short cat nap on their back?

For some this may sound rather pleasant, for others a little odd. If you find yourself in the “pleasant” or perhaps even “curious” camp, the students and faculty of VIU working towards Transformative Studies would like to invite you to a morning yoga workshop from 9 a.m.–12 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 24.

Kelly Murphy has graciously offered her studio at 135 Machleary St. for the workshop. Murphy’s studio is perfectly situated and has the ambiance that will entice and support all levels of yoga students.

There will be approximately five free half-hour classes offered that will explore various styles of yoga—ashtanga, kundalini, yin, pranayama/hatha, and ananda meditation. We invite students to bring some type of refreshment beverage or very light snack (when practicing yoga, it is highly recommended you eat nothing heavy on the stomach).

With the help of many of Nanaimo’s incredible yoga teachers, the studio thought they could amply provide a taste of a few selected yoga styles within this time frame, leaving the afternoon free for people to do what they like to do on Saturdays.

If interested, or if you have any burning questions, contact me at <trillionage_sprout@hotmail.com> and reserve yourself a seat. Space is limited to 16, so first come first served!

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