The “Idle No More” movement has been sweeping across Canada. On Friday, Jan. 11, and Saturday, Jan. 12, “Idle No More” hit Nanaimo, and not for the first time. The demonstration on Friday took place at VIU in the main quad outside the library. Close to 100 people showed up to show their support for the movement, and, between the various speeches, students were encouraged to take part in round dances and singing. The demonstration on Saturday was more exciting. A larger group showed up, close to 500 people, and marched from Maffeo Sutton Park to the intersection of the Old Island Highway and Comox St. and then onward to the waterfront. The marchers sung the “Woman Warrior” song as they progressed through the streets, momentarily blocking traffic at several intersections. “Idle No More” demonstrations happened across the country on Friday, Jan. 11, and several different movements have been organized since then. Stay tuned to the Nav. to find out when the next demonstration is hitting Nanaimo.

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