Every student should have, or have access to, a slow cooker. A small 1.5 litre one that doesn’t take up too much room, but still makes a hearty meal. They’re versatile for a large range of diets, are easy to use, and are forgiving. This is a huge boost for students just learning how to cook. With awkward and busy schedules, you don’t know if you’re going to have time for meals, you usually find yourself with a strange assortment of groceries, and not everyone has the means to make a meal that involves a whole page of ingredients.

This is where the slow cooker wins. Cooking times are forgiving, with most recipes calling for a time range of two hours. Throw your meal in to cook for six hours, get held back for a meeting with your prof, return home a few hours after you were supposed to, and your meal is still just as good. Simple ingredients can create hearty meals, and a little spice goes a long way in slow cookers.

Instructions: Put one can of beans down first, then your meat, then all the other ingredients. Cook on low for five hours. Check your meat to make sure everything is cooked. If not, leave in for another hour. Mix, serve, and enjoy.



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