By contributor Elly Tomasson

The first two weeks of November passed in a blur for the students and instructors at the VIU Theatre, putting together a stunning production of Moliere’s comedy Tartuffe. The classic play follows the story of a family who is duped into signing away their entire fortune to a religious con-artist, who has manipulated his way into earning the trust of the head of the household.

The show’s construction started the last week of September, giving the department just over a month to bring everything together. The shows put on by the Theatre Department are designed, directed, and produced by professionals in their fields, but the students of the program are the ones who build it, and keep it all running smoothly. When asked about the weeks leading up to Tartuffe, stage manager Holly Karpuik, a student of the program, said, “This group of people works really well together, has a lot of faith in the show, and tries to make everyone else’s jobs easier, which is why it came together so well.” The next event coming up for these students is the Gong Show presented by Satyr Players, November 27, for one night only.


Photos by Hilary Britton-Foster

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