Above: Exploring the waters of Newcastle Island. Photo by Gregg Cormie.

By Lifestyle and Sports Editor Cole Schisler

Over the past few weeks, I joined VIU Outdoor Rec for a sea kayaking adventure.

We explored various points around Nanaimo, like Departure Bay, Newcastle Island, Jack Point, and the Nanaimo River Estuary.

“It was fantastic,” said Kris Mutafov, a first year resource management student. “We got to take the kayaks out from New Castle Island across the bay, the waters were calm, the sun was out, we even got to go through a sea cave. It was a really calming experience to be able to do this after school with a really cool bunch of people.”

Me looking at cool rock formations. Photo by Gregg Cormie.

Outdoor Rec programs like sea kayaking offer students an excellent opportunity to make friends.  For Outdoor Rec technician Gregg Cormie, it was friendship that made Outdoor Rec worthwhile.

“My favourite part of sea kayaking is the experience with the people,” he said. “I decided to get involved with Outdoor Rec because a friend of mine encouraged me to join up with one of the white water kayaking programs when I was a student here. Some of my best, life long friends, I’ve made through this campus rec program.”

For students, Outdoor Rec is one of the most affordable ways to explore the Island, and take part in some exciting outdoor activities all year long.

“We’re providing an opportunity to experience some of the most awesome stuff Vancouver Island has to offer at an affordable rate,” said Cormie. “And it’s a great way to make new friends and try new things.”

Paddling along the calm bay waters. Photo by Gregg Cormie.

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