By contributor Bryce Gardiner 

Nanaimo will be hosting the first annual Vancouver Island Photography Exhibition on October 21 from 6–9 pm and October 22 from 9 am–5 pm.

The exhibition will host numerous contributing artists from across Vancouver Island and provide opportunities to meet with other photographers, artists, and members of the public.

Event host and coordinator Shaun Stewart noted, “there are so many talented photographers here on Vancouver Island,” and that “this is a great opportunity to meet and connect with local artists and support the work that we do.”

The purpose of the event is not only to share the work of local artists, but also to help build a sense of community and networking within the culture.

“Many of the participants in this event have come
together through connections on social media, where we have built somewhat of a supportive photography community,” Stewart said.

“This event builds on that, allowing photographers to make valuable real world connections, meet and learn from other artists and gain exposure—all things that are invaluable in an industry that is incredibly difficult to make it in these days.”

The event will be held at Hub City Studio in the Downtown quarter. Studio manager Zachary Tanner feels “particularly excited” to be involved with the exhibit as a host. He added his insights, “photography has the incredible power to capture the beauty of the world. There are many photographers on Vancouver Island who showcase the particular beauty of the Island. For those who love beauty, Vancouver Island, and photography, the exhibit will be a delight.”

The event is free to attend and there will be complimentary tea and coffee for anyone who wants to view the gallery and enjoy local art.

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