Above: Helen Cheung and Graydon Robb get ready to return a serve. Courtesy of North Field Photography.

By Sports and Lifestyle Editor Cole Schisler

Over the weekend, VIU hosted teams from UBC and SFU for a badminton tournament.

On Friday night, the teams had a chance to play against each other and warm up for the tournament in nine match sets, with two men’s singles, one women’s singles, two women’s doubles, two men’s doubles, and two mixed doubles. VIU beat SFU 6-3, and fell to UBC 8-1.

In the individual matches, VIU Mariner Helen Cheung placed first in women’s singles, and VIU Mariner Graydon Robb placed second in men’s singles. The Mariners continued their success in the doubles matchups. The team of Melissa Liew and Chris Wan took first place for VIU in mixed doubles, Helen Cheung and Melissa Liew placed second in women’s doubles, and the team of Robert Foster and Graydon Robb placed third in men’s singles.

Going in to the tournament, the Mariners knew they would face stiff competition from the powerhouse teams of UBC and SFU, however they preformed exceptionally well, and are looking forward to more success in the season.

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