By Sports and Lifestyle Editor Cole Schisler

The Mariners travelled to take on the Langara Falcons and the Quest Kermodes this weekend, and did not let the bad weather deter them from taking the court.

Against the Falcons, the Mariners men won 84–76, and the women fell 49–45 to the Falcons. On Saturday, the Mariners men won 89–78, against the Kermodes and the women lost 70–61.  

On Friday, Feburary 10, the Mariners will host the Capilano Blues. The women’s match begins at 6 pm, and the men’s is at 8 pm. The next day, the Douglas Royals come to town to test the Mariner’s mettle. The women’s game starts at 1 pm, and the men’s is at 3 pm.

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