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By Chris Adam

Young Fox was founded in 2012. After two years of writing and honing their craft, the band released their Predecessors EP in July 2014. Nearly three years later, the next evolution of the band is here. March 10 marked the release of their debut full-length album Sky Beats Gold via Spartan Records. The Pittsburgh natives know how to create a catchy, yet moody, alternative rock album.

Sky Beats Gold kicks off with the song “Sometimes the Monsters Win”, beginning with a dark and groovy guitar riff. As the chorus hits, audiences get a good sense of the album, including vocalist Luke Cypher’s soaring voice. Track two, “We Move as Waves”, keeps the pumping pace of the intro, and the awesome drum work by Chris Hawthorne. Haunting guitars, by ZAO member Martin Lunn, leads listeners into track three, one of the strongest pieces of Sky Beats Gold. Ending off the song with guest vocals by the one and only Stephen Christian, formerly of Anberlin, currently of Anchor & Braille.

A couple more rockers before the album’s pace winds down a little with “Wine of Violence”, allowing some time to breathe from the quick pace of the first half. The timeout does not last long as we get into “The Desert”, featuring some more quick and tight drum work.

After two more tracks, the album climaxes with “Hearts of Men, Pt.2”. The track takes its time and gives a fitting end to Sky Beats Gold, while demonstrating musical traits from all the tracks combined. Lyrically the songs are all well-constructed and fit with the music perfectly, though they can seem a little vague at times. That being said, this album feels accessible, especially to those who are not listeners of rock. It’s soft enough for newcomers, but heavy enough for those who like a little more punch. Influences of the band include Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Nirvana, Jimmy Eat World, and Thrice.

Pick up both albums at youngfoxband.bandcamp.com and check out more about the band at facebook.com/youngfoxband.

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