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By contributor Kelly Whiteside

Time I started writing this article: 3:24pm.

Time I finished writing this article: 9:47pm. Time actually spent writing this article: 32 minutes.

Time spent scrolling through Facebook: Five hours, 51 minutes

It’s so easy to get lost in the vortex of social media. You’re just quickly checking what time that event is at tomorrow, but then that video on your news feed automatically starts to play and you find yourself watching it even though you don’t really care for the content but it’s already started playing so you might as well finish. Then after it’s done you casually scroll through the comments, amusing yourself with the petty arguments of strangers. Half an hour later, you’ve completely forgotten what you originally opened Facebook for, so you continue down the news feed, watching every video that pops up. An hour later, you’re creeping the Facebook profile of that person from high school you never really talked to, but you suddenly just remembered existed when you saw their name tagged in the comments of one of those videos, so now you need to know who they’re dating, and where they work, and how hot they’ve gotten. Two hours and 17 minutes later, all the creative DIY videos have you planning how you’re going to completely remodel your house. Four hours and three minutes later, you’ve given up all hope on anything creative and resorted back to scrolling through your Facebook feed. Four hours and 56 minutes later, you’ve watched precisely three videos on various recent “break-through scientific studies” and five videos on some cool new gadget which will be on the market later this year that you’ll never hear of again. Five hours and 12 minutes later, your Google history is looking extremely questionable. Six hours later, Facebook is now showing you advertisements for cancer treatment groups and trips to Vilnius, Lithuania and you’ve decided you’re going to quit your job and earn money by making pointless YouTube videos.

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