Fall is officially upon us, which makes me want to listen to dreamy, rainy day music all day long. Here are some of the newest tunes of October 2017, perfect for studying and settling into the winter vibe.

Cautious Clay – Cold War

This song has been on repeat for the last couple weeks—I can’t get over how addicted to it I am. I love the beat, his voice, the chorus… everything about it is perfect.

Kehlani – Honey

This song by Kehlani is simple, but so calming. The acoustic guitar is perfect for the rainy season approaching.

SATICA ft. Sakima – Dysfunctional

SATICA made the list of new music last month, and she continues to blow me away with each new song she releases. This one is a tad more upbeat than her song last month, Honey Whiskey, but the rhythm is still chill enough to make you want to put headphones on and close your eyes.

The Dalai Jamma – Foreign Objects

The Dalai Jamma is a new and upcoming DJ to be on the watch for. His latest single, Foreign Objects, is entirely made up of sounds he recorded himself, spun into a new track. Follow him on SoundCloud and make sure you don’t miss any of his new releases—they’re all perfectly funky, chill, and everything I look for when I’m on the hunt for new music.

Dean Lewis – Waves (Mannough Remix)

Do yourself a favour and listen to this song… you won’t regret it. It makes me want to go on a road trip, or sit by the ocean and watch the tide come in. “It comes and goes in waves/it always does…”

Miley Cyrus – Bad Mood

This list wouldn’t be complete without Miley Cyrus. Her new album, Younger Now, is a banger from start to finish. There are few records that I love every single song on, and Miley’s new album is one of my favourites. Her new music is completely different than what we’ve seen from her previously—the old Miley is back. It kind of reminds me of her Backyard Sessions (Jolene, anyone?) which is my favourite version of Miley. I also can’t stop listening to “I Miss You So Much”, “Inspired”, and “I Would Die for You”.

Crooked Colours – Flow

If you’ve never heard of Crooked Colours, you’re missing out on life. They’re one of my favourite bands, and I don’t understand why they haven’t completely blown up yet. Each song has the coolest beat, and his raspy voice is sooo dreamy… this song will be one you have on repeat, I guarantee it. Also check out their other song (my favourite), Plymouth.

Sandro Cavazza – So Much Better

The beginning of this song even sounds like rain is falling, then he starts singing and my heart starts pumping—then the beat drops and I feel like I’m falling in love. Not kidding, this song does something to my heart strings. It’s fun to sing along to while you’re driving to school, but I apologize if you can’t get it out of your head.

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