Urban street dancer Kulé Kambere. Photo courtesy of Crimson Dance Coast Society.

In my past two years as editor of the Nav’s art section, I’ve had the privilege of attending many shows. I’ve seen the calibre of performances produced and hosted by Crimson Coast Dance Society, whose shows have challenged me to examine my own beliefs on love, trust, belonging, and security. It’s difficult to put the effects their contemporary dance and music accomplishments into words. Even more difficult is describing a performance that needs to be seen, heard, and almost touched to be understood. Shortly after the spring semester comes to a close, Crimson Coast will be showcasing Identity: Who Are You; another groundbreaking performance. Holly Bright, Executive Director of Crimson Coast articulates why you should be there.

What is Crimson Coast Dance Society all about?

The Crimson Coast Dance Society strives to ensure accessibility to dance performance and programs by providing low-cost tickets, registrations, and discounts for dance lovers of all ages.  Currently celebrating its 20th season, Crimson Coast holds a place for beauty, inspiration, and dialogue in their artistic presentation and programs in Nanaimo.

What can guests expect at your upcoming show?

Identity’s story unfolds at the premiere performance of a new collaboration between diversely-talented music group NOLA (New Orleans, LouisianA), Nighthawks Jazz Band, tap dancer Timothy Allen, and urban street dancer Kulé Kambere. Identity: Who Are You will fill the air with music and dance May 24, 2018, starting at 7:30pm at Malaspina Theatre.

Crimson Coast connected these local artists to create an evening especially for Nanaimo. This show will take viewers on a music and dance journey through time; one that follows the evolutions of an art form, while inviting recognition of the impact of music and dance on the viewer’s own identity. Allen and Kambere pose questions that explore the way music and movement enrich our lives, and help us discover a vision of who we are or who we wish to become.

Any final thoughts to get us in the door?

The question is simple, “Who are you?”

Tickets can be purchased online here.


Arts Editor   Cheryl is in her third year of VIU’s Creative Writing program. Recipient of the 2017 Gisele Merlet Award, she has a passion for the written word, and lives for the arts community. Cheryl moved to Nanaimo in September 2014 to pursue her writing career.

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