The sun rises late in the morning and sets early in the evening,
a sign that autumn is departing, with its bright colours and crisp leaves,
as winter arrives with cold mornings and dark nights.

I shiver as I walk to the library, longing for comfort.
Warm air encompasses me as I step inside,
my glasses fog and my cheeks redden.

The glow of the lights casts an aura,
highlighting the shelter, the peace.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee fills my nostrils,
as Starbucks baristas prepare cup after cup of warmth and joy.

I sit in the café, observing the outside world,
the characteristics that make this island so unique.

Fog settles on the treeline and Mt. Benson in fluffy sheets,
blanket each contour in white mist.
The view looks like a picture, straight out of National Geographic’s Travel Guide,
the caption: “Places you need to see before you die.”

Looking at the city from a distance,
the transformation from fall to winter is swift.
But it’s just long enough for me to appreciate it.



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