You heard it here first folks, predictive text is the future of writing horoscopes.

LIBRA · Sep 23-Oct 23

As a Libra, I think the first thing that exists is the power of your rhythm and the author of your friends to make sure you are not hot.

SCORPIO · Oct 23-Nov 22

I am a Scorpio because I wanna go play with my godson tomorrow night and then I’ll come home and get some dinner and then come visit you and then go to the store to see what you’re talking about and then I’ll be sure to get some.

SAGITTARIUS · Nov 22-Dec 22

As a Sagittarius I don’t have enough time to make a decision about this issue because of my lack of knowledge about how much money I have.

CAPRICORN · Dec 23-Jan 20

I am a Capricorn because of the way I think about this piece and how it was a bad idea. The Nav is a story about a tale of the semester.

AQUARIUS · Jan 20-Feb 18

As an Aquarius I wanna get more sleep. I think I look like a queen but I’m still so tired. Oh god damn. I’m chill with it haha. So if y’all are interested in this it’s awesome. But if you want me, you know what I’m sayin.

PISCES · Feb 18-Mar 20

I’m a Pisces because of the local community and I feel like you would react to the island this summer. Jesse’s parents and I feel like you would react to the island this summer and the disappearance of the Nav so I can get ready quick to do it again. I feel like you would get a new job.

ARIES · Mar 20-Apr 20

I am an Aries because I have a few friends who have been diagnosed with the disease that was quick message to my doctor and the patient. I think we’re going through a couple more times.

TAURUS · Apr 20-May 21

As a Taurus I gotta go home and then go back to sleep but I wanna see y’all in a little tiny house on our story tonight and then I’ll come back to see y’all tomorrow and then I’ll come back to see y’all tomorrow and then I’ll come back to see y’all tomorrow and then I’ll come back to see y’all tomorrow.

GEMINI · May 21-Jun 21

I’m a Gemini and that’s why I have a lot to say that I’m a trans male buddy and I’m still waiting to hear from the prairies and I have to go back and all the time the same time I cried and it felt so good bus and I had a lot to do a lot more than I wanted it for me and my a year old me to get the information I need a new buddy to get the information I want you back to me with a fork in my hand…

CANCER · Jun 21-Jul 23

As a cancer I have to be fair I think the leaders of this shit are juicy units but we have a great understanding and I have to be patient so we just filled in the spaces and the other person expecting to see it on my own.  

LEO · Jul 23-Aug 23

Leo’s is your birthday gift from your house today. We can grab dinner and drink some errands before dinner if you’re busy. We have been a good time with our kids. I wanna hope you’re doing good today sweetie. Hey cutie how did your evening go today and tomorrow morning. Hey sweetie how’s your week doing work are the morning sounds yummy. I think I wanna it looks good and yummy.

VIRGO · Aug 23-Sep 23

I am a Virgo because I have time to get the latest Flash before you can. Like I said to the doctor, I’m not trying to figure this out. Nobody else has been checked for the most important thing. The best way to get a chance is given below. I can be found in the future, please unsubscribe me.


Graphic Designer   Sara is a fourth-year graphic design student at VIU. This is her second year with The Nav and she is pleased to announce that water is wet. She enjoys screaming into the void and cooking pasta pretty much every single night. One day, she hopes to obtain her goal of petting one million dogs.

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