Photo by Julian Hochgesang

Rufus woke up and something was very wrong
He could feel it in his bone, still wet yet somehow
in his mouth.
He thought, gosh how long have I been asleep?
Is it summer already? And why can’t I just dream of
He peeled open his little eyes, to take a look around
but everything was swimming,
like lava, even the ground.


He shook his little head and took a look again
his fur was all singed off his small sausage-shaped
What on earth? He cried, but it sounded like Woof.


Ok, Ok, I know what’s going on here,
I’m just still dreaming,
someone please please Wake Me UP!


Then Rufus remembered his faithful Joey of nine.
That one who fed him, who listened
who pet him when he whined.
OH NO! Rufus thought as things became clearer.
Joey, the doll, had been looking in that old mirror.
He’d been wearing a cape
talking about some great escape
Joey wanted to be a magician
when he grew up.


He had built a cannon out of cardboard
it would be for the talent show at school.
it had blown up, shot Rufus to the sun
and now here he was like a hot dog in a bun.


Rufus lifted his pudgy right leg,
thought he’d just mark
a little territory while he was stood.
This was a mistake he realized quite quick,
smoking and sizzling he nearly burned off his left foot.


Oh goodness he thought
I don’t like this one bit,
what is going to happen when I have to take a shit?


He hoped one more time, this must still be a dream
I’m going to close my eyes
and wake up at home,
it is far too hot here
and I feel very, very alone.


So that’s what he did, he closed his little eyes
and lo and behold, when they opened he saw sky.
Blue as a lagoon, he felt giddy as a loon,
fresh cut grass at his back, he rolled this way and that
then jumped to his feet to cry
Good God it’s good to be alive,
but it came out Woof Woof Woof Woof.

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