The rushing waters of Millstone Creek beneath the upper Bowen Park Bridge. 📷 Jonah Ferguson

When confronted in life with two options, to
choose the road used over and over again or the
road less travelled,
what will you choose?
Will you choose to follow in your mentor’s
footsteps and model yourself after the parts of
your icons that resonate with you?
Or will you create your own runway and base
your decisions only off the beat of your own
heart, and your internal compass pointing
towards the constellations?


Once you decide what path you want to take, would
you change your mind?
Would you edit the illustration?
If your eyes focused on another direction, would you
allow yourself the space to ponder a new inspiration?
Or will you stay on the track you have laid and avoid
the condemnation because God knows you’ve put in
the work for it and it’s too late for disassociation?


If your compass no longer points in any one
configuration but instead seems to fly in any which
direction and every-time it stops moving it’s only for
a second before shooting off again towards another
do you continue to walk and hope you don’t fall off
the edge or do you allow yourself a moment to reload
the navigation?


In a world where time never stops ticking waiting
takes just as much time as trying so do you sit and
waste and wait
or do you force yourself to fight and risk watching
your efforts get
When no one in this world seems to understand your
position do you sit there with a map and a thumb
tack plotting out your coordination?
Do you move on from your worldly location and
realign yourself with a dream-like destination?
Or do you just stop and watch the traffic of people
pour by like a red octagon staring back at you in a
pinnacle internalization?

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