An orange and white cat sits beside a slightly taller black and white dog outside. The cat is looking up at the dog while the dog sticks its tongue out.

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Do you think all outdoor cats should be spayed or neutered? Or that cats should be banned from entering someone else’s property?

The City of Nanaimo is asking residents to provide feedback on a new Animal Responsibility Bylaw so their opinions are heard.

The bylaw was developed from recommendations following an Animal Control Service Review that was conducted at the beginning of the year. The findings recommended an amendment to the already existing animal control bylaws. The new bylaw should focus on “the importance of responsible pet ownership,” the City said in a press release.

The findings also suggested the following provisions be incorporated:

  • Removing the term “Restricted Dogs” as it is no longer in best practice for the target.
  • Rewording “Vicious Dog” to “Aggressive Dog.”
  • Modernizing parts of the bylaw to reflect best practices on the standards of animal care.
  • Requiring every cat owner to have the pet provided with identification.
  • Requiring all cats that are allowed to be outside to be spayed or neutered.
  • Prohibiting cats to be in public spaces or on another person’s property unless under the control of the person responsible for the animal. Cats will still be allowed outside on the owner’s property.

The City is taking in public feedback on the proposed Animal Responsibility Bylaw until December 11. Once the public feedback period is over, the feedback will be compiled and submitted as part of a report to City Council in early January 2021.

Residents of Nanaimo can visit to learn more about the bylaw and to provide feedback. 


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