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The Navigator Lighthouse / Image via Joe Thoong

All VIU students, alumni, faculty, and staff have until Saturday at noon to vote for who they would like to sit on The Navigator’s Board of Directors this year.

The NavigatorThe Nav for short—was founded in 1969 and ran as a print newspaper until 2017, when its in-print format transitioned into a full colour 40-page magazine. And in 1992, it became an incorporated society under the Society Act of BC.

Up until this year, The Nav had primarily been an in-print publication, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has evolved to an entirely digital platform, with a brand new website.

The Nav continues to act as a venue for students who wish to gain professional experience in creative writing, feature, and news journalism, graphic design, copy editing, editing, and managing.

Although there aren’t any issues being physically printed this year, there are still a number of students hard at work to ensure students at VIU are kept in the know when it comes to school, community, and general news.

The Board of Directors ensures that the business of The Nav functions so these students can continue their creative production to the best of their ability, and so the student body can continue to have an outlet that connects them to the community.

Running for president is Antony Stevens; Natalie Gates is running for vice president; Zeel Desai is running for the secretary position; Molly Barrieau is running for minister of internal affairs; and Isabella Ranallo, Jesse Bixby, and Michael Calvert are all running for members at large.

Vote for the board here! Polls are open now.


Kristen Bounds is a fifth-year Creative Writing major focusing on non-fiction and journalism. Her writing mostly centres around her passion topics: environmentalism and social justice. Apart from talking about plastic to anyone who will listen, she enjoys reading, surfing, and is quite partial to a cold hazy pale ale.

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