A beekeeper wearing a beekeeping suite holds up a frame from a bee hive that is full of honey combs that is full of honeybees

There are 55,781 bee colonies in the province / image via Bianca Ackermann from Unsplash.com

There seems to be a new buzz in the air now that groups can start receiving funding from the provincial government to help protect the health and habitat of bees around BC.

Eligible beekeepers, beekeeping associations, and regional and community-based organizations are now able to apply to receive up to $5,000 to fund projects to enhance the province’s bee health. Applications opened January 11, 2021.

The projects can range from public education, helping with bee forage (food supply) growth, and bee health. Some of the projects that were made during the last round of funding include:

  • Educational programs for schools in the Kootenays that teach the life cycle of honeybees, the importance of pollination, and the importance of pollinators in their surrounding ecosystem 
  • Testing seaweed extract supplements for effectiveness to help increase hive size and reduce disease levels among blueberry pollinator bees on BC’s south coast
  • Mass planting of perennial bee flowers and nectar trees to help increase local nectar forage during the summer on the Gulf Islands

The BC government has started a 
bee health website to serve as an online resource of best practices and lessons learned from completed projects under the Bee BC program.

The Bee BC program started in 2018 to provide funding to smaller-scale community-based projects to support research, do testing, and share information about the health and safety of bees.

Since its launch, the program has contributed almost $280,000 to 62 projects.


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