Noelle Hanuse in a blue shirt.

Noelle Hanuse, VIU Counsellor / Image via VIU

Personal energy levels and how to maintain them can be different for everyone. With the pandemic still in full swing, acknowledging when your energy levels are low, and knowing how to build them back up is more important than ever.

Noelle Hanuse, VIU counsellor, is giving a workshop on Wednesday, February 24 to help people manage their energy levels. The event is titled Holistic Energy Care: Understand, Transform, and Energize Your Whole Being with Noelle Hanuse (Wuikinuxv) MA, CCC, Counsellor, and is hosted by the Office of Indigenous Education and Engagement.

The workshop will be held from 12-1pm over Zoom, with a second workshop on March 24.

The event description says that the new online reality many of us have can take a toll on our energy, as can certain habits, negative patterns of thinking, compassion fatigue and burnout, and particular people and environments we may have in our lives.

Holistic Energy Care promises to try to help you:

  • Learn how your energy works—what depletes, blocks and replenishes it
  • Learn practical tools to conserve, balance, and enhance your energy
  • Access your own Peace and inner strength.

Also covered in the workshop will be how to better interact with others in personal and profession life, maintaining boundaries, managing emotions, practicing mindfulness, and the smart use of technology.

Join the Holistic Energy Care workshop at Eventbrite. All VIU students, faculty, and staff are welcome.


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