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The Navigator Student Press is hiring for the 2022-2023 production year.

Are you a VIU student who wants to be closely connected to your community? Maybe you’re wondering what more the university environment can offer you and what you can contribute to it.

The Navigator Student Press is looking for journalists and creatives who want to inform themselves and their peers through storytelling. If you strive to meet deadlines and have taken CREW 100 Introduction to Journalism or a relevant media studies course, then one of The Nav’s upcoming positions might be for you.

Below are the remaining available positions at The Nav for the 2022-2023 production year. If you’re interested and think you’re a good fit for a position, send an email mentioning which position you’re applying for along with a resume and your best journalism-related writing sample to <editor@thenav.ca>. Acceptable writing samples are feature articles or shorter newspaper reportage, such as arts previews or standard general news pieces. Samples can be former coursework that was used for credit for a VIU course. Preference will be given to English or Creative Writing majors for written-word editorial positions. However, all are welcome to apply.

Training will be provided for those that are unfamiliar with WordPress, our online platform. All positions include two mandatory work sessions each month for magazine production and a story pitch meeting, the former being an all-day shift on the first Sunday of every month in production.



Sports Editor

The Sports Editor must produce one feature-length article for each of the six online issues of The Nav. In addition, the Sports Editor is responsible for producing, at minimum, one news piece per week exclusively for The Nav’s website. In short, one weekly piece, one monthly feature. All features must pertain to the editor’s respective section, however weekly pieces may vary, with preference given to the editor’s section. If you’re passionate about all things Mariners and have an understanding of sports jargon, this position is for you.


Audio Editor

A new position at The Nav, the Audio Editor must produce one feature-length audio news piece/podcast (~ 10 minutes) for each of the six online issues of The Nav. Pieces will be released on podcast platforms in addition to The Nav website. The audio section will bring real-world voices from the community directly to listeners’ ears, with the Audio Editor creating compelling narratives through editing, narration, and interviews. This position is ideal for those who always have a podcast on the go and have a passion for creating one of their own. 



Please send all applications to <editor@thenav.ca.> along with any questions you may have about The Nav or the available positions. Application deadline: September 14, 2022.

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