White tents are swarmed with people at VIUSU's Club Fair

Club tents swarmed with students at the VIU Students’ Union Club Fair / Image via VIUSU

Who are the people running VIU’s clubs?

Audio Editor Jack Corfield speaks to Gen, the Supreme Hierarch of Unconquerable Dungeons and Ancient God Dragons (President) of the D&D Club, and Elizabeth, the Minister of Internal Affairs for the History Club.

Later, he sits down with power couple Sam and Katrin, Co-Chair of the History Students’ Association and Vice-President of the Phycology Club, respectively.




Jack is a third-year Creative Writing and English student at VIU working at The Nav as Audio Editor. On island time, he’s filling his portfolio with digital art, literary sci-fi, genre fantasy, podcasts, and sesquipedalian poetry about space, including “After Abaddon” and “Black Hole,” which were published in the 2022 issue of Portal. He's also one of the Managing Editors of Portal 2023, and president of the VIU Creative Writing Club.

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