Nav Videographer Ben Rosnau (top) and Audio Editor Jack Corfield (bottom) / Image via Mike Duddy

It has been a dark semester (particularly for our Managing Editor Sean), so this month, the video team challenged ourselves to bring VIU some joy… plus Mike has had enough of talking about how awful the world is.

Embark on a journey of culinary debauchery with Jack and Ben who attempt to make a Christmas meal for our downtrodden leader, Sean. Witness the trials and tribulations, as our two intrepid cooks attempt to conjure some Christmas joy and use it to embue some tasty treats!

In the end, they don’t manage to find the true meaning of Christmas, but they do succeed in making Mike curl up in the fetal position in the corner.

Of course, this is a waste if Sean doesn’t eat it… so don’t forget to enjoy part two here:

Enjoy the culmination of our ridiculousness, and from all of us at the Nav, have a wonderful winter break!



Mike is a web designer, writer, and videographer who has lived and experienced stories from all over Western Canada. He is on his third journey through VIU pursuing his degree in Digital Media Studies. In his non-VIU life, Mike spends his time hanging out with his wife and kids, exploring Vancouver Island, and learning how to be a better global citizen. This is Mike's first year at The Nav, and he is looking forward to telling the stories that matter to Nanaimo, and especially the VIU community.

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