Ode to Greta

O’ earth, my muse, tell me of your young heroine who travelled far by catamaran. She suffered her own education in rage and fire to torment governments and corporations far and wide. Tell me more, oh worldly muse, how your lush and wildness still stands so tall. But will you perish? Oh, toxic earth, a … Continued

The Lost Arts Club

"For students it's a great way to get your mind off your worries, to relax before or after a test, something fun and affordable to do to meet new people or with a group of friends. Many students enjoy our soap, candle, and aromatherapy bracelet classes."

Gorgeous Cinema: The Gentlemen

“It’s cinema and it’s gorgeous,” are a few of the first words uttered by Hugh Grant’s character, Fletcher, in this slick, meta-fictive gangster flick, and no truer words have been said by a cinematic character since the turn of the millennium. The Gentlemen starts out with England’s puff business boss Mickey Pearson sitting down at … Continued

Gregory Scofield is this year’s Ralph Gustafson Distinguished Poet

Renowned poet Gregory Scofield will be coming to Nanaimo on February 12 and 13 as VIU’s Ralph Gustafson Distinguished Poet for 2019-20. He is Michif of Cree, Scottish and European-Immigrant descent, and traces his ancestry to the Métis community of Kinosota, Manitoba, and Bacon Ridge. He will discuss, through oral storytelling, the importance of Indigenous literature and … Continued

The Harlem Globetrotters Visit VIU

The world renowned Harlem Globetrotters are set to lace up their kicks for an eventful afternoon at VIU’s own basketball court.  On Sunday, February 2, 2020, the Harlem Globetrotters will be performing at the VIU gymnasium, located at 900 fifth street, building 190. For General Admission and Bench Seat ticket holders, the doors open at … Continued

Alumni Spotlight: Elise Boulanger

“Oh, hello,” Elise Boulanger said sheepishly. It was the night of December 14. I was downtown at The Cambie, about to watch Elise perform at the festive Acoustic Night show, when I stumbled upon her in the large, graffitied washroom. She was standing by the sink, brushing her teeth. “Pre-show ritual?” I teased. “Yeah. I … Continued

Little Women: A Movie Review

What we’ve come to expect from Gerwig is attention to detail. From dialogue to costumes, from movement to lighting. There is no shortage of details to pick up on, no overlooking of a single, minute thing. Imperfections are rejoiced, spirits are lifted, and generations can find common ground in the humanity of the film. 

Marginalized Music

CBC Music’s Top 19 Canadian Albums of 2019 came out this December. Four of the featured groups are composed of marginalized musicians who have made their own way without the typical mainstream support: Riit, Rae Spoon, Kimmortal, and Tegan & Sara. Musicians make almost all their revenue from being on tour and performing shows, after … Continued

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