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For a one-stop destination where new Canadian art, writing, music, comedy, journalism, and photography are at your fingertips, look no further than <>. Founded in 2012 by radio host and podcaster Brendan Barlow, the website is an artistic community for creative individuals and organizations, mostly hailing from coastal B.C. As the name suggests, the site … Continued

Thinking inside the box

When film studios introduced the larger Cinemascope screen, artist Jean Cocteau said, “The next time I write a poem I’ll use a big sheet of paper.” Lately it seems filmmakers have forgotten that bigger is not always better, and that Cocteau was being sarcastic. Clear and concise stories told in a limited space have, it … Continued

Gold & Shadow

Evidentially, for Nanaimo-based alternative rock band Gold & Shadow, friendship and creativity are the catalysts that result in a stimulating musical reaction. The group has been around since 2008, when founding member Dane Letourneau (vocals, guitar, keyboard) got together with current member Jesse Janzen (vocals, bass, drums) and a few other friends to experiment with … Continued

The Oscar Challenge

Some people run marathons. Some people write novels. A few people even read all of Finnegans Wake. My point is that everyone has some goal in mind that is both ambitious yet achievable, and this year I set out to finally achieve my goal of seeing all the Best Picture nominees before the Oscar ceremony. … Continued

Art Bites:

Nanaimo Arts Council Awards The deadline for the 2013 Nanaimo Arts Council Bursary and Achievement Awards is Mar. 15 at 5:30 p.m. Individuals of all ages and artistic disciplines are encouraged to apply for the awards, which provide funding for tuition, supplies, or equipment to applicants who are looking to continue, or begin, studies in … Continued

The Vancouver Island Short Film Festival

On Feb. 1 and 2, audiences were treated to 14 creative, clever, and climactic short films featured in this year’s Vancouver Island Short Film Festival (VISFF). The 8th annual festival, which was held in the Malaspina Theatre, included films from Vancouver Island artists and from other parts of Canada. The films selected for the festival … Continued

Warm Bodies Review (3 out of 5 stars)

Nicholas Hoult plays R, a zombie who cannot remember his full name. He shuffles around an airport with dry, witty narration filling his thoughts. M (Rob Corddry) is his best friend, and sometimes they get hungry and team up to go look for brains. During one of these meals out, R eats the brains of … Continued

Wolf Thief EP

Maartin Bayliss’ Wolf Thief EP is an album that challenges both alternative and electro expectations to create a sound that is entirely new. Bayliss, who is from Nanaimo, has been involved in many different musical groups, and has pursued several different genres in his musical career—he played in Nanaimo-based punk band The 80th Action, recorded … Continued

Event Information: 1 BILLION RISING!

ONE IN THREE WOMEN ON THE PLANET WILL BE RAPED OR BEATEN IN HER LIFETIME ONE BILLION WOMEN VIOLATED IS AN ATROCITY ONE BILLION WOMEN DANCING IS A REVOLUTION Participate in an inspiring GLOBAL ACTION, which unifies people worldwide to walkout and demand and end to Violence against women. This movement is growing daily with … Continued

Comedic essay competition: ARE YOU HILARIOUS?

Vancouver-based comedy website Nearly Robots has launched a nation-wide humorous essay competition in hopes of seeking out, and publishing, the next batch of the best comedy writers in Canada. The competition is open to all Canadians, but is directed mainly towards university students. The deadline is Mar. 15 at 11:59 p.m. Nearly Robots, created by … Continued

Art Bites

Western Edge Theatre presents Hosanna The first production of Western Edge Theatre’s 2013 spring season is Michel Trembley’s Hosanna, the 1973 hit about the Montreal-living, Elizabeth Taylor-loving drag queen and the personal strife she faces after an eventful Halloween party. Blaine Nosworthy, who trained at the Vancouver Film School, plays Hosanna, and Rick Meyers, best … Continued

The Hollywood Calendar: a 2013 Movie Preview

In mid-summer 2012 I was joking about the so-called apocalypse that the Mayan calendar predicted for Dec., and I said, “It’s okay if the world ends, I’ve already seen The Dark Knight Rises.” You see, I’d been following the production of Nolan’s film since the premier of The Dark Knight, and I’d been following The … Continued

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