Argo Review

Following the success of his directorial debut in Gone Baby Gone and the bewitching crime-saga, The Town; there’s no measure as to how Ben Affleck has matured into one of the most proficient filmmakers of his generation. In his latest suspense-fuelled adventure, Argo, he delivers his most sympathetic and gripping film to date. Based on … Continued

Burlesque to Broadway

Singer Quinn Lemley said she hoped to take her audience on a journey during her performance of Burlesque to Broadway at Nanaimo’s Port Theatre. Lemley says she encourages her audiences to dress up. She says women came dressed in sequins and boas at a past performance in a venue with an army base nearby. “There … Continued

Mother Mother: The Sticks

The fourth record from Quadra Island indie-rock band Mother Mother couldn’t have come at a better time. Released Sept. 18, The Sticks is an album for autumn. From their first full length album Touch Up released in 2007, to 2011’s Eureka, Mother Mother has maintained their unique sound and indie quality, but The Sticks takes … Continued

Attention all writers (and readers)

On Mon., Oct. 29, Poets on Campus will be hosting author Matthew Hooton for a reading and Q&A. Author of Deloume Road, Hooton holds a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Victoria and an MA from Bath Spa University in England. He has also written creative non-fiction for CBC, Geist, Reader’s Digest, and … Continued

VIU cuts Theatre minor

One of the main reasons I chose to come back to VIU three years ago was for the Theatre minor. I had done my first year in 2006, and then I took a break. While considering other schools, I decided to take another look at VIU. I was elated to find a course specifically on … Continued

Alberta oil and arts

Ah, lovely, scenic, rustic, Alberta; the home of big oil, big fields, big cows, and big dollars. A place where the almighty dollar is King, and an 18-hour shift is merely a normal working day. It’s a dusty, windy province with dirt under its fingernails. A province where trade schools pump out streams of young … Continued

Art Bites:

Toronto-based jazz violinist Aline Homzy will play for five evenings at The Vault, (499 Wallace St., Nanaimo) on Tues. Oct. 23–Sat. Oct. 27, starting at 7:30 p.m. Homzy, who will perform with drummer Hanz Verhoeten, bassist Andrew Cullen, and guitarist Julius Clegg, will play some of her original compositions, as well as cover pieces by … Continued

Student and faculty creativity

The upcoming installation in the Arts and Humanities Colloquium series, taking place on Oct. 19, promises to be an unprecedented and exciting event. “Lo-fi and Wi-fi: Conjuring Creativity & Performance” is a multi-media presentation and will include video, musical performance, graffiti, audio, and much more. The shell of the presentation was organized by Media Studies … Continued

Student Profile: Arielle Bonsor

Arielle Bonsor had to do some exploring, but now that she has almost finished her fourth year in the Visual Arts program at VIU, she can confidently say that she has found the place where she belongs. “[VIU] is a second home for me. I never want to leave the art building…I don’t have any fear … Continued

Looper Review

Looper is an intriguing, gritty science fiction thriller led by a talented cast and kept alive by stylish direction and smart writing. The film takes place in the year 2044, a grimy and rundown future that’s both harsh and convincing. It introduces Joe ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt), an assassin whose job is to kill people that … Continued

Jazz for beginners

Let me preface this column by saying I recommend listening to any jazz. Like any form of music though, understand that there is good jazz and there is bad jazz. Jazz is also one of the hardest music genres to delve into, being that there is now nearly a century’s worth of the music recorded. … Continued

Whitehorse: The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss

The first full studio album from husband and wife duo Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland is more than just a marital side-project gone right. Whitehorse’s The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss is a chemical reaction, two elements converging to create an exciting album that blends influence from both classic country and alternative … Continued

From underdogs to top-dogs: The Sheepdogs

If there was such a genre as a groovy-fairy-tale, the story of the rise to fame of Canadian rock-band, The Sheepdogs, would be classified as just that. There is something inspiring about the Saskatoon rockers’ success that is both sentimental and satisfying, and they are a true example of what can happen when determination and … Continued

157 people missed something amazing

On Sept. 19 at 7 p.m., I was sitting in auditorium eight in the Galaxy Cinemas waiting to watch Sunset Boulevard. When I had entered the theater five minutes before, there were three other people in the room. They were scattered among the back five rows, so I went straight down the aisle to the … Continued

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