Choosing courage over comfort

The comfort zone can easily be mistaken as a place of safety, but the greatest rewards await just beyond internalized walls. The natural tendency to cling to familiarity isn’t a reputable safety net. In fact, it holds people back. Pushing against the barriers of the comfort zone is uncomfortable, but the ability to lean into … Continued

Meet the 2019 Islands Short Fiction judge

The 14th annual Islands Short Fiction Contest (ISFC) received a boost in funding from the Vancouver Island University Department of Creative Writing and Journalism, putting the total to be bestowed at over $2200 in cash and prizes to be awarded over three categories. ISFC is a regionally-focused competition intended to highlight the work of writers … Continued

TheatreOne celebrates 19 years of indie film

It can be hard to find independent films on the big screen, with the mainstream big-budget box office production companies monopolizing movie theatres across the country. However, independent film in Canada survives through festivals like Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) or, on the western coast, the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF), and various other festivals … Continued

New workshop for emerging writers in Nanaimo

This year Literacy Central in downtown Nanaimo will host a weekly workshop for emerging writers aged 15 – 30. The workshop will be facilitated by Greg Brown, a Nanaimo-born writer whose work has been published in Paragon, Postscript, Pulp Literature, Tate Street, Prism International, The Journey Prize 30: The Best of Canada’s New Writers, and … Continued

Hollywood’s new focus on representation

From streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon to the big screen, 2018 was a huge year for cinema, offering a myriad of great films. While box office dollar figures and percentages from movie review sites like Rotten Tomatoes often dictate the success of a film, Hollywood’s success in 2018 isn’t in the numbers, but rather … Continued

Conversari opening night review

Conversari, the current exhibition at VIU’s View Gallery, is sure to provoke some interesting conversation. The display runs from January 11 to February 22 and features an avocado, a pencil, and a mitten; the disparate approaches of three different artists. Yet, there is a unity of purpose that shines through the shape and style of … Continued

VIU students produce webisodic series

On December 17, Odysseus Productions—a production company founded by students of Vancouver Island University (VIU)—releases the first episode of its first production, a webisodic called A Hundred Ways. The company has a total of eight board members, a cross-discipline group of students that includes Creative Writing and Theatre majors. The webisodic was first pitched by … Continued

Preserving the lost art of letter writing

Over the years, as people and technology have evolved, the art of writing a personal letter—taking the time to transfer thought to paper by hand—has fallen between the cracks. And as the personal letter fell, the sense of voice in writing went tumbling with it. While a sense of voice hasn’t been completely abandoned in … Continued

Mid90s: Movie review

*Spoiler Alert* For those who grew up in the 90’s, Mid90s is Jonah Hill’s gift to you, tied tightly with a sepia bow of nostalgia. Cruising streets of Los Angeles, the film begs you to fall among a brotherhood of young skateboarders, living with four wheels under their feet and not a care in the … Continued

Gustafson Poet Lecture Series returns to VIU with Lorna Crozier

Internationally acclaimed Canadian poet Lorna Crozier will participate in two free events this month as Vancouver Island University’s Gustafson Distinguished Poet for 2018. The Victoria-based poet has published 18 collections of poems, earned five honorary doctorates, and is the recipient of a Governor-General’s Award for Poetry, making her a major literary voice in Canada. The … Continued

5-10: Nanaimo’s newest web series

The webisodic 5-10, created by stand-up comedian Peter Hudson and Raymond Knight, owner of Knight Studios, is growing in popularity on Facebook. The first episode released on August 19, 2018, and has over 80k views while the second episode released on September 21, 2018, has over 30k views. 5-10 follows Peter Hudson as the character … Continued

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