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A letter from Antony Stevens, board president of the Navigator Newspaper Society: I hope this letter finds you: a passionate student, professor, or member of the public with a drive for arts, business, or empowering students. It wasn’t until my third year as a Creative Writing major that I became a part of The Navigator … Continued

We’re Hiring!

Are you passionate about keeping your classmates informed? Do you strive to meet deadlines? Have you taken CREW 100 Introduction to Journalism or a relevant media studies course? If your answer to all three of these questions is yes, then one of The Nav’s upcoming positions might be for you.

You’re All Navigators

The Nav has gone through rigorous transformation in the last three years. Having begun as a biweekly newspaper on October 16, 1969, it ran that in-print format until 2017, when my predecessor, Cole Schisler, transformed The Nav into what you hold in your hands today. A sleek, full-colour 40-page magazine produced by VIU students, written by … Continued

7-Eleven snacks, ranked

I’m graduating this spring, which means you’re reading my last editorial. I’ve been on The Nav’s masthead since 2016 and contributing since 2014. Originally, I planned for this editorial to be a sappy goodbye to both The Nav and VIU. But, in the spirit of making the most of this space (which I will never … Continued

Nanaimo 7-Eleven locations, ranked

I’m graduating this year, which means you’re reading my last editorial. I’ve been on The Nav’s Masthead since 2016, and Managing Editor since 2017. Originally I planned to do a little poem about my time at The Nav, but then I saw Spenser’s 7-Eleven snack list. While I cannot abide his erroneous list, I thought … Continued

The kids aren’t alright

Back in 2014, a study by the American Psychological Association found that teens reported higher stress levels than adults, especially during the school year. In 2019, the Pew Research Centre found that 70 percent of teens reported anxiety and depression as a major problem among their peers. We know young people are stressed the hell … Continued

Daylight heart attack time

The seemingly benign practice of setting clocks forward one hour in the spring and one hour back in the fall, daylight saving time (often erroneously called daylight savings time) is not without its consequences. According to a 2012 study from the University of Alabama Birmingham, the Monday and Tuesday after clocks are moved forward in … Continued

In coldness we trust

“If some countries have too much history, Canada has too much geography,” former Prime Minister Mackenzie King said in a 1936 House of Commons speech. Fast forward to 2019: Canada is still big, and, while we’ve gained 83 years of history since King’s words, the question of what constitutes Canadian identity is still debated. What … Continued

A thought on impermanence

When I hear the words “nothing lasts forever,” I think cliché. We’ve heard those words repeated so many times, but it’s a simple truth. “Nothing lasts forever,” so enjoy the moment while you can. I came to VIU in 2015 for the creative writing program. I hadn’t been to Nanaimo except for a campus tour … Continued

Treatment is key to reducing impaired driving

Bill C-46, which became law in December, allows police to request a breathalyzer test from any driver pulled over for violating traffic laws or passing through a check stop. Previously, police had to have a reasonable suspicion a driver was impaired (like noticing slurred speech or bloodshot eyes) to request a breathalyzer test. There are debates … Continued

Violence against journalists should worry you

2018 was one of the worst years for violence against journalists in recent memory. According to a report by Reporters Without Borders, at least 63 journalists were killed for their work. Journalists faced personal threats, as well as death threats to their families. CNN faced a bomb threat late in the year. Washington Post columnist … Continued

Small Deaths

“More than 1,420 people died of illicit-drug overdoses in BC in 2017, the ‘most tragic year ever.’” – CBC News Death is an ant under your shoe, the unwatered spider plant, a grain of fentanyl thinner than a needle of Douglas fir. * I search the rainforest for names of the dead. Unlike the newspaper, … Continued

Put your feet up and rest awhile

You made it. Take a moment to congratulate yourself for another semester finished. Maybe you rocked it, maybe you didn’t, but either way, you deserve a rest. Treat yourself. Have a book you’ve been itching to read? Was there a personal project you’ve been meaning to start? Maybe you haven’t been to the movies in … Continued

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