Starbucks on Campus: A brave new world

I have mixed feelings about the opening of the new Starbucks coffee shop on campus in the old, expanded premises of Jump‘n Java. The decision was announced mid-August, when virtually no faculty or students were around. My initial concerns were that, on the surface, it seemed like we were turning our backs on a local … Continued

Surprise me

I don’t find anything surprising these days. I suppose “anything” is an easily disputable exaggeration. Still, everything that happens seems to have happened before. Nothing feels original. Even new, unique creations are referential in some way. Maybe the world has run out of new ideas. I’ve thought of many things that I believed were unique … Continued

Welcome to the new Nav!

Whether you’re a long time reader, or checking out the Nav for the first time, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for picking up the first issue of the brand new Navigator. The team has been hard at work over the summer to bring in some great new changes to our format … Continued

Go on and submit

Back in September 2014, my inaugural semester as a VIU student, I submitted work to the Navigator for the first time: a poem about fishing with an accompanying photograph. On the one hand, I was excited at the opportunity to have my first-ever poem published. Before I had even submitted, I daydreamed about seeing my … Continued

Rest in pieces

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau Hi, my name is Molly. I am a klutz. Is that how it’s spelled? Anyway, unfortunately, my final editorial for The Navigator Newspaper ever, after four lovely years and 56 issues, is about my poor, sad laptop.  In truth, my laptop now stands as a metaphor for how well life … Continued

Ignorant Canadian goes to ‘Murica…again

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates I recently got back from the city so nice, they named it twice: New York, New York. NYC. The Big Apple. Between this and my roadtrip to Oregon this past summer, I find it a little strange how I’ve visited the States twice in less than a year, given that … Continued

Appropriate appropriation?

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau If you can believe it, the final assignment for First Nations Studies 102 is a portfolio. Not just any portfolio, but a scrapbook narrative portfolio. The idea is to research your family’s history, display such, and comment on your story and its connections to Canadian colonialism. Seems easy enough, right? … Continued

Let it rain

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates It’s a pretty normal day for this point in the semester; you know the drill. I wake up determined to get EVERYTHING done, to take the day by storm—crank out my work hours, learn something in class, squeeze in some exercise, meals, and tackle those damn presentations like no one’s … Continued

Space, time, and social media

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates Space and time are funny things. We’re always trying to get more of them or less of them. Trying to pass the time, skip through it—or grasping onto each second of the day, wishing there were more. Too much space and we get lonely, bored. Not enough and we get … Continued

Gimme some space

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau This issue, The Nav was inspired by NASA’s recent findings of exoplanets in another solar system. Thus we have decided to incorporate the extra-terrestrial into our stories. But what about Earth? Here in the True North (Canada), we are fortunate to have one of the highest land mass per person … Continued

All aboard the Magic School Bus!

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates ’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to getting to school. I strongly believe in promoting public transit, biking, and walking—especially since Nanaimo is going to be receiving a “transit upgrade” by implementing the allegedly more environmentally friendly Compressed Natural Gas … Continued

1400 push-ups

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau I now completely understand the true physicality of the term “blood, sweat, and tears”. You’re sitting there, hunched over, staring at the unending abyss of snowy mountain forest, and you can’t will yourself to get up and try again. You roll over, get on your hands and knees, and the … Continued

What’s the number for 9-1-1?

By Production Manager Catherine Charlebois Cops, in general, don’t have it easy; responding to bizarre calls and having to deal with the most disruptive layer of society isn’t for the faint of heart. Having grown up with cops as family friends, and living in the heart of downtown Nanaimo, I can only imagine what emergency … Continued

La vie en Trump

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau Mes pensées sont avec les Québécois pendant ce temps tragique. Nous sommes avec vous. My thoughts are with the Québécois during this time of tragedy. We are with you. Il est un étudiant, ils étaient des professeurs, des hommes.   He is a student, they were professors, men.   Je ne peux que partager mes sentiments … Continued

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