Dragon enters the race

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates The Canadian Press: “A brash businessman-turned-reality TV star turns his outsized appetite for success towards the most powerful position in federal politics.” Please don’t tell me history is already preparing to repeat itself. The day after January 17’s debate in French, Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary announced … Continued

If it bleeds, it leads

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau Gruesome, I know. That phrase has been repeated to me a few times throughout my university degree, and it always grosses me out. The idea was—when journalism was still a profitable job—if there was a shooting, murder, or fire, it likely made the front page or, in our case, page … Continued

2017, come at me

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates Welcome back, VIU. Congratulations on surviving 2016, and welcome to 2017—a year with one too many syllables for my liking, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. What is it about the flip of that calendar page to January first, and the stroke of midnight on … Continued

I’m so hungry

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau In the words of REM, everybody hurts. Currently, my partner and I are on a new year’s health kick, and I am already feeling the swift roundhouse of dieting. Yes, I know that impoverished children go hungry across the world every day, and I understand that personally removing food from … Continued

I’ll take ‘em sunny side-yup!

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates With the looming Kinder Morgan Pipeline decision, Trump’s ever-wavering and often frightening stances on policies and social issues, alt-right group gatherings, earthquakes, shockingly racist party photos from Canadian universities, the predictably stressful, panic-attack inducing end of semester pester, and endless despair plastered in front of us, I thought I would … Continued

*Dial-tone sound*

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau You hear that? I do. That nostalgic, groan-inducing screech, followed by the beeping and humming as your internet came to life. The vast green pasture under the bright blue sky of your desktop lights up, and you click on Internet Explorer to check on your Neopets. It’s hard to imagine … Continued

Listen to Leo

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates Sometimes I worry people are getting sick of hearing about climate change and the environment’s bleak future. At times it seems like there is nothing we can do that will really slow or stop the process because the Big Dogs’ power is just too strong. But I’m going to talk … Continued

JT, I hope you’re listening

  By Associate Editor Natalie Gates When Justin Trudeau walked into the October 25 Young Worker’s Summit in Ottawa, expecting the usual cheers, photo-ops, and admiration, he was met with something else entirely. While some in attendance yelled angrily that he is “acting like Harper”, a number of people stood and turned their backs to … Continued

Comically unfunny

By Arts Editor Brendan Barlow “Fentanyl. Humanities Herbicide. 100 percent effective. Warning: Side effects include reducing… Residential B&E by 50 percent. Commercial B&E by 97 percent. Home Invasions by 52 percent. Auto Thefts by 63 percent.” These words were written on what looks like a cardboard box advertisement for a brand-new product. This comic was … Continued

Are you there, Casper? It’s me, Natalie

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates Do you believe in ghosts? Spirits of the dead who appear to the living. I have never really considered myself a believer because I haven’t had any especially compelling “sightings” myself. But I also don’t consider myself a non-believer; I welcome the possibility of something existing bigger than our mundane human … Continued

The Scary Movie Title Generator

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau Before we can begin toting Santa hats and playing Mariah Carey on repeat, we need to discuss a strange occurrence that has been gathering steam in my overactive pumpkin spiced brain this month. Halloween is upon us, and has all of us craving something spooky as the weather changes. Leaves … Continued

Know thyself

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau Somehow it took me five years to figure it out. I began to notice once I started working at The Navigator, and I really should just accept it: I don’t like writing. So what? I have earned this space to share my opinion with you, dear readers, and I feel it … Continued

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