Zone of Total Darkness

Standing outside the first cave, named the Main Cave, for the first time is daunting. Looking into the mouth, most first-timers stop to fiddle with their equipment before taking their last breaths of outside air. Cave crickets—like regular crickets, but sub-dwellers and as big as your palm. Imagination gets the better of you.

Visual Arts x Natural History

By contributor James MacKinnon Students, staff, and the public are invited to the grand opening of the “Nature in the Arts” display at VIU’s Museum of Natural History on Tuesday, March 8. This event marks the beginning of a three-week display of artwork inspired by the natural world, created by students and faculty members from … Continued

The strange street names of Nanaimo

“Spenser, you have two deliveries,” says Khoung, as he points at two tall paper bags stuffed with Chinese food, “The first one goes to 262 Twiggly Wiggly Rd. The second goes to 3338 Dingle Bingle Hill Rd.” Khoung goes back to peeling carrots. Meanwhile, I’m giggling to myself as I struggle to fit both bags … Continued

Summer Leaves, Autumn Fall-ohs

By contributor Luke Bowles As the leaves begin to turn colour, catching the golden rays of the morning sun, and fall to the ground, covering the hills in a brittle layer of colour; and as the crisp autumn air fills your lungs, it’s hard not to see the beauty of Nanaimo at every corner. Our … Continued

Harvest Festival

Walking towards the venue, you can already hear the music and people. The place is packed, full of vendors and people of all ages. Pumpkins, squashes, beets, carrots, and greens are abundant. Food trucks advertise colourful shaved ice and delicious crepes. The atmosphere is buzzing, full of talk and laughter. It couldn’t have been a … Continued

Zombies hit the streets of downtown Nanaimo

Nanaimo’s downtown core was invaded by zombies on Sunday, September 13 around 4 p.m. Undead men, women, and even little zombie children paraded through the streets as they groaned and snarled at frightened onlookers. The apocalyptic march filled the quiet streets with commotion. While several cried out for brains to eat, no injuries or fatalities … Continued

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